What we did

A new client for 2023, this high end Provence Rose wine brand approached us to create a suit of assets that could be used across multiple formats and channels for their UK launch in to Majestic Wines

Working with the brand closely, we developed assets that  could provide solutions for and moving plan of activations, from On trade account installs, Sampling events to hosting a evening at the prestigious Tunnel Club at MCFC on the semi finals of the Uefa Cup

As our partnership grows we work along side the winery to help develop the brand, providing ideas and concepts to achieve awareness and drive sales within the Rose market in the UK.

Design ⸻ Creation ⸻ Storage ⸻ Logistics


What we did

Working in partnership with Freeman Company USA Decanter support all European installs for this client.

Designing and creating a kit of parts that allow the client to create a consistent visual at all shows attended, regardless of the allowed footprint of the space.

Installs included Amsterdam, Essen, Berlin, Malaga, Frankfurt and London developing the offer from show to show, constantly liaising with our partner to ensure the seamless agency partnership

Partnership liaison ⸻ Design ⸻ Creation ⸻ Storage ⸻ Logistics ⸻ Development

Spearhead Whiskey

What we did

Spearhead approached us after a recommendation to us, they were looking at a creating a space withing the Berlin Bar Convert to educate consumers & Bar tenders about the unique toasting methods of their whiskey.

Our team researched the product and methods getting a full and in-depth understanding. Using infrared technology created an interactive game that achieved the brief along with other key KPIs of the brand.

The idea was then bought to life in an engaging space creating within the Bar Convent in Berlin.

Ideas ⸻ Concept ⸻ Creation ⸻ Build ⸻ Logistics